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Intel® LGA 2011 Sandy Bridge Romley-EP/EX Processors for Workstation Solution

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Hands-on Reviews: Components on ASUS P9X79 Motherboard:

by ASUS North America Channel 






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by cosmoknight74 Channel 

by Overclockersclub.com   

The Genius is a cooler that you would call a big boy. A cooler that is much bigger than your typical cooler. A cooler that is aimed at defending the heat that is produced by overclocked processors. Many will say their is too many coolers to choice from already, but when you have the experience of Dynatron chances are they can improve on things. The Genius G950 is an 800 gram twin tower cooler that is fully capable with all the current AMD and Intel sockets.....more

by Pro-Clockers.com 


Although Dynatron is certainly no stranger to the CPU cooling industry, their heatsinks and Top Motor brand fans have been more commonly found in OEM cooling solutions and have largely gone unnoticed among many in the enthusiast and overclocking community. They look to possibly change that perception with their Genius and Evolution series CPU coolers, which incorporate many of the features we discussed above. What I have for review today is the Genius G950, an oversized twin-tower style heatsink with a definite serious approach to quiet CPU cooling....more

by Ocia.net   

Wonderful, I tell you, just wonderful. Apparently the very direct connection between heatpipes and CPU really do work well for this cooler, and its construction vents the heat away in an extremely efficient manner. I very rarely ever see a computer operate at such low temperatures, especially in my home where temps are usually a few degrees higher than they should be....more

by Test Freaks 




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Video Review on Youtube:


                                                                                                                                            by cosmoknight74 Channel 





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