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What is SinkCool?




Spirit of Innovation

Dynatron Corporation, an industry leader in thermal solutions spanning a wide spectrum of consumer to enterprise products. With missions of CPU coolers sold worldwide since 1995. Dynatron has established its reputation over the years and continues to reinforce it with world class support and inventive ways to keep critical systems operating.

It is also the first company to invent a uniquely designed radiator equipped with a built-in pump into the liquid cooler. Coupled with an integrated Skived fin and its proprietary Vapor Chamber technology into a heatsink, has raised the standard in liquid cooling.

Dynatron will continue to devote resources to developing more advanced technologies in the spirit of innovation.

OEM Customized Solutions

We design, develop , manufacture CPU coolers, GPU coolers, DC fans and blowers. Our high quality thermal solutions are widely recognized in Servers, PC, Mini-ITX platform and OEM customized solutions in Medical, Automotive, Military and Telecom industries. With decades of experience covering a variety of industries, we have developed a large knowledge base of know-how, scaled production, and ultimately solving our customers cooling challenges.